1971 - Eldon Roth, current CEO of BPI starts Roth Refrigeration and invents the Roller Press Freezer™. The Roller Press Freezer™ revolutionizes the way meat is frozen, reducing freezing time from three to five days down to two minutes. The new process locks in naturally occurring moisture, enhancing flavor and moisture.

1981 - BPI founded and builds its first plant in Amarillo, Texas. The plant, utilizing the Roller Press Freezer™ begins making frozen beef.

1988 - Due to the increased demand for BPI's frozen, boneless beef, BPI builds its second plant in Finney County, Kansas.

1991 - BPI begins production of "lean" beef and becomes a key ingredient in low fat or lean ground beef.

1992 - BPI opens its third plant in Waterloo, Iowa.

1994 - Due to its commitment to food safety, BPI begins developing its pH Enhancement System. The system will be proven to reduce the number of potential pathogens such as E.coli O157:H7 in beef.

1998 - BPI opens its fourth plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska. The new state-of- the-art facility utilizes an air wash (link) and refrigeration system which eliminates the need for traditional coil refrigeration. The air wash system significantly enhances food safety in the plant.

1998 - BPI implements "hold and test" program for E.coli O157:H7, becoming the first company in the beef industry to implement such a finished product sampling and testing program.

2001 - FDA & USDA approve the pH Enhancement System and BPI begins making pH enhanced Lean Finely Textured Beef.

2001 - BPI implements hold and test program for presence of proteins associated with BSE, becoming the first company in the beef industry to implement such a finished product sampling and testing program.

2001 - BPI initiates its Buy Back challenge designed to encourage customers to implement finished product sampling, hold and test programs for E.coli O157:H7 similar to BPI.

2007 - International Association for Food Protection awards BPI its highest honor, the Black Pearl Award due to BPI's commitment to food safety.

2007 - BPI begins construction to expand the South Sioux City plant. The new facility will improve upon BPI's existing state-of-the-art food safety system. It features 3/8" thick, stainless steel walls and ceilings that will allow for the entire plant to utilize clean in place sanitation systems.  BPI maintains its focus on food safety through all aspects of design and construction.

Present - Eldon and Regina Roth, together with their children, Jennifer and Nick, continue to lead BPI. They are recognized throughout the food industry for their food-safety innovations and commitment to making the highest-quality lean finely textured beef. Headquartered in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, BPI maintains a Midwestern work ethic that stresses safety and quality in everything we do. Job titles are not important in the BPI culture. This allows all employees to accept responsibility for promoting every BPI value - especially the promise of food safety and quality.