Our Commitment

It all starts with the raw materials. So, we've partnered with the best beef producers in the world to supply our beef. It's all fresh, USDA inspected, and produced using proven/validated food safety systems.

Beef comes to us in the form of trim. Beef trim is the meat and fat remaining after larger cuts of beef have been "trimmed" to meet customer specifications and is most frequently used to make ground beef. Even though the beef has already been inspected before being sent to us, our Quality Assurance staff further inspects and samples the trim to ensure its freshness, consistency and quality.

The process of converting the incoming trim into lean finely textured beef uses very specialized equipment like centrifuges, as well as our pH enhancement process. We remove the fat from the beef, leaving a finished lean beef that is typically 94 – 97% lean, and is a key ingredient to making low fat ground beef or any other food where lean finely textured beef is essential.

We are very committed to delivering the safest and highest quality lean finely textured beef for consumers and customers, and we expect a higher standard for ourselves than set by anyone else. We have opened our doors to some of the leading food safety based non-governmental organizations in the world and demonstrated for them our processes and commitment to food safety. We know that we are making beef that will be eaten by your family and ours and has been a part of over 300 billion meals each year. We are committed to getting it done right (safe and high quality) – every time.

Throughout the production day, our staff monitors, and manages every step of the process and then samples the finished lean finely textured beef to ensure that it all meets our high expectations for safety and quality. Much of the equipment and technology we use at our facilities was designed and manufactured by our own staff. As a result, we are able to maintain absolute quality control and ensure that the all our lean finely textured beef adheres to our rigorous standards.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality is reflected in our innovative methods, our state of the art technology, and our industry leading quality assurance systems. Most of all, that commitment is reflected in the dedication and expertise of the people who work here, who ensure that everything we make is good enough to serve to our own families.