Why It's Good

At BPI our signature product is Lean Finely Textured Beef. Our beef is typically 94% to 97% lean and is a key ingredient to making low fat ground beef or any other food in which lean finely textured beef is an essential ingredient.

As tastes evolve and consumers become more health conscious, demand for lean protein ingredients is increasing. At BPI, we are applying the latest technology and processing techniques to ensure the highest quality and best tasting lean finely textured beef products. Our beef is quick frozen, which allows the moisture to be locked-in to ensure the product is juicy and flavorful when it reaches your table.

In addition to ensuring great tasting beef, our methodology also enables us to consistently produce meat that is of the absolute highest quality. Our state of the art food safety systems and processing innovations give our customers absolute confidence that they are getting the finest lean finely textured beef products available today. Our process produces meat with a higher pH, which reduces the number of potential pathogens that may be present such as E. coli 0157:H7.