Our process of making ground beef has been recognized repeatedly for its innovative contributions to food safety. Our process includes many steps, one of which is our hold and test program.


One essential tool to help ensure the safety and quality of our lean beef is our extensive “hold and test” program. After all other food safety steps have been taken and systems monitored to assure lean beef quality, we want to make sure we got it right. Continuously through the day, our Quality Assurance staff is taking samples of the lean beef from every box we make. Those samples are sent to independent, outside laboratories for testing. Our sampling and testing program is the most rigorous in the industry, and was recently expanded to cover six additional pathogenic forms of E. coli. We do not ship any of our lean beef until we get confirmation from the laboratories that all specifications have been met. Only then will we allow BPI Ground Beef to be sold.


For more than 30 years, we’ve been committed to food safety and quality. All of our beef is continuously sampled and tested with the most rigorous standards in the industry, assuring consumers and customers of the safety and quality of our beef.

Food Safety Recognition


Black Pearl Award
By The International Association for Food Protection
For BPI’s efforts in advancing food safety and quality through consumer programs, employee relations, educational activities and adherence to standards.

National Cattlemen’s Foundation’s Beef Industry Vision Award

National Meat Association’s E. Floyd Forbes Award

Food Quality Award